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Linguist and musician, carrying out my intellectual duty

Whenever we hear of migrants, we tend to think of people permanently moving from one country to another, forced to leave their homes by a tense political, economic, or environmental situation. This is the example of international refugee migration, which comprises 9% of total international migration.

As a term in social sciences, however, migration has a much broader definition:

Migration is any deliberate traveling of huge masses of people.

Migration is not always a one-end trip to settle elsewhere, neither it must be a trip to another country: commuting to work from suburbs is a type of temporary migration that…

If you live in Europe, the chances are that your country celebrates some version of a Liberation Day this time of year, signifying the end of the WWII battles in the West and capitulation of Nazi Germany. In Russia, it’s a national holiday called the Victory Day, 9th of May, and it’s huge, bigger than Easter, which says something in a predominantly Christian country.

This holiday truly binds the Russian people together, helps people remember the atrocities of war, keeps the memory fresh and painful so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Or, at least, this is…

Miron Nabokov

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